Are Your Magic Lectures Getting Old?

Kris' magic really is one of a kind. He is the creator of "The ReinCARDnation" and it is considered by many as the best piece by piece restoration of a signed playing card ever developed. Not to mention it only uses one card and is totally impromtu. See that's what I mean. His thinking is completely outside the box.

Considered one of todays most creative magicians, he has developed routines that work in the real world for real people with real reactions. Some might consider Kris' magic a little hard(after all he is one of the best card technicians I have ever seen) but you'll be surprised at some of the easier things he has come up with. After demonstrating his control called The Convincer at a local convention Kris immediatly sold out his entire stock of videos in less than twenty minutes. This control is so easy to do yet it is the cleanest and most convincing control I have ever seen. You could learn this in five minutes and fool everyone with it. It's that clean, and he didn't even have to demonstrate any of the other routines on the video. Everyone bought it after they saw this control performed multiple times. No one had a clue as to how it was done.

Another one of Kris' signature routines is called "Spooned". This looks like a camera trick. A ring is borrowed and visually pushed over the bowl of a spoon so it is now over the stem. He then visually melts the spoon breaking it in half so the ring can come off the center. Most people would stop right here but Kris keeps going because he then visibly(and I mean visibly. This is the part that looks like a camera trick) restores the spoon with the ring on it leaving the ring wrapped around the stem. Everything is then handed to the spectator to keep as a souvinere. This is a showstopper worth it's weight in gold.

Kris knows just about anything you can think of when it comes to close-up magic. He eats, sleeps, and ?!@#$ close-up magic. Not only can he help make your magic a lot more memorable, but he is an excellent speaker and is so fun to be around. You can tell by the way that he talks about magic that he really does love the art and is not in it to make a quick buck. He's never boring and most of what he has to share will transform the way you look at magic.

Some vids of Kris

Some Other Cool Routines of Kris'

BACKFIRE- The cleanest reverse assembly ever created. Not to metion it just might be the easiest. Harry Lorayne liked it so much he put it in his latest book.


HAUNTED- A completely impromtu haunted deck routine where the deck cuts itself to a card the spectator is only thinking of. The card really is thought of and Kris never ask for the name of the thought of card until the deck has finished cutting to the card. The spectator then turns the card over and it is the named card. You have to see this to believe it.

SPIRIT- This in pure genuis. A spectator names any card(no force), any word(once again no force) and any page from a book(no force). The book is opened to that page and inside is the named card with the word written on one side and the page number written on the back. Totally impromptu. No gimmicks


K'Link- This is Kris' impromtu linking card routine. It uses only two cards from any deck. Both cards are signed and everything is examinable at the end. This is the end all of linking card routines.


There is a ton of other stuff that will keep even the most addictive magician busy for quite a while. Book him and see why most people say he is the best they have ever seen.

Kris is always looking for new ideas to work with. If you would like to share then email him at or sign his guest book and he'll get back back to you A.S.A.P.